37 Funny AF Memes And Things


Try not to laugh


  1. Posted by justin0503, — Reply

    Imagine being ever so slightly inebriated and that’s when you find out your girl’s sisters have the same face and now you’re not certain which is yours

  2. Posted by bambi5903, — Reply

    See what she basically did was copy and paste the first child with the intention of having twin girls.... but what really happened was she pressed the paste button too many times and this was the result

  3. Posted by BigBrainHamitonLover, — Reply

    Imagine looking at baby pictures and being like that’s me. No that’s me. Um guys we all know that it’s me. No it’s me. MOOOOM. Uhhh honestly girls idk

  4. Posted by BLACKLIVESMATT3R, — Reply

    They look like when the printer won’t work so you press the button a bunch of times and then multiple come out all at once.

  5. Posted by ImAChAoTiCsToRm, — Reply

    If they all got less tan I would’ve said “the printer started to run out of ink”....but I couldn’t say that 😂😂😂! But seriously they look ThE SAmE!!

  6. Posted by SunnyGuardGirl, — Reply

    My mom likes to joke that me and my lil sis were switched at birth with two of my cousins. My family is all blonds and then you have me and my sis who are red heads and when you look st my cousins family you see all red heads and then two extreemly blond kids..... us four are abt the same age........ so i would not be suprised if it did happen

  7. Posted by cupcakegirliene, — Reply

    When you press print but the printer won’t print it so you press it a few more times, then reboot it, and it prints it out like 5 times

  8. Posted by PuffleHead, — Reply

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  9. Posted by september920, — Reply

    How do their significant others know that they are with the right one of them? And how do they know if they are not being pranked by them by them pretending to be the one you are dating but its really the one you aren't dating. Anddddd now I think I confused myself. See ya.

  10. Posted by miaperiottt0614, — Reply

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