Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps


These Chicken Bacon Ranch Wraps are a super simple lunch recipe that are cool, creamy and filled with crisp bacon, sliced chicken and ranch dressing.


  1. Posted by CourtChickennugget23, — Reply

    I’m not a big Wrap or salad person but I’ll have to try this one out - Btw follow for a follow 💛💛💛😊😊

  2. Posted by 1955cookie, — Reply

    This was an easy and fast way to feed my family a casual meal. Everyone loved them!

  3. Posted by cwalton1, — Reply

    Used smoked turkey and ham because I had it. So yum. A big hit with the fam.

  4. Posted by angelnsky3, — Reply

    Love it! We used the spinach and herb tortilla for less carbs.

  5. Posted by devonpozniak, — Reply

    I asked for chicken and got turkey 🤷🏽‍♀️ but still delicious!

  6. Posted by sarahcornor, — Reply

    Thankyou, your pin is utterly an incredible

  7. Posted by spenceupshaw, — Reply

    Beautiful image, informative, good job.

  8. Posted by astravmmerryav, — Reply

    Ahhhhh, really want to eat this!

  9. Posted by clairebitting, — Reply

    Chicken/Turkey Ranch Wraps

  10. Posted by continentscondiments, — Reply

    That looks great!

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